Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lunar dinner @ Keppel Club

Last friday, had our company's CNY dinner at Keppel Club. A highclass club with golfing facilities, badminton and tennis courts, swimming pool, bowling alley, gym, karaoke and restaurant~ There was very beautiful and "in", I just love it!!!

Let's view the pictures。。。。。。

Keppel club 外观

new year decoration


老板是这里的member, 每个星期都会前来play golf.
所以对四周都熟悉得很, 便带我们到处去看看~

还可以看到sentosa view哦~

Peony Jade Restaurant


colleague who sat beside me~Alysha

Top: Alysha, me, Alvin, Desmond, Harry
Bottom: Jenny, Shirley, Christine, John
1st Dish~ yu shang

let's ready...

let's start...

2nd dish~ shark fish

wow~the crab meat... YUMMY!!

3rd dish~ steam fish

Let's cheers while waiting the 4th dish serve...

4th dish~vege with abalone and mushroom

5th dish~ chicken

6th dish~ prawn

7th dish~ 荷叶饭
8th dish ~ fried年糕
looks nice but not yummy~ :p

taken before leaving the restaurant

this 2 young gal so love to take picture ;)

Another group picture... :)

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