Thursday, December 13, 2012


一个特别的日子, 皆因你而完美 ♥°.•°

很开心, 今年的周年纪念日有宝贝与我们一起渡过 ^o^

 买了一个mini ice-cream cake简单庆祝下~~~

这小瓜一直在偷吃, 不肯好好地合作拍张美照...

 拍了很久两三下, 他就一直顾着偷吃 =='
还好最终还有一两张可以成交 =P

yeah~~ 可以开动喽 ^o^

但只要有你们在身边就perfect ♥

这个December, 能够与爱人宝贝共生活共渡过
我真的很幸福 ▫°o○*


Thursday, October 25, 2012

We will fly~~

再几个小时, 我们便要去曼谷喽 ^^
但奇怪的是, 我并没有很兴奋的感觉..
(坦白说, 我比较希望可以飞回太平陪儿子)
Anyway, 就带着relax的心情去break一下吧 =D
还有谢谢老板送的五周年礼物 ^o^
 带着新宠出游, 希望有美好的收获

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I wish to blog more...

It has been quite long times since my last log-in. I really wish to do update more often especially about my precious son but situations were not allowed due to busy work, home pc spoil, bad luck and etc... ;(
Let's do a quick and simple update for my recent days:
1st Oct, was a super bad day for me as our s'pore bike gone missing during our quick dinner time. T_T It just with us about 1year time and very cosy price. The fact really kill us badly and we were super down for time being. But what to do, still have to accept the true!! ;(
On the same day afternoon, I received call from sister that doctor finally advised Ethan to be hospitalized as his flu and phlegm didn't getting better even inhaled gas for 3days already. I was panic and heart pain when heard about it. Think to go back home immeately but unfortunately bike missing at night and everything were screw up. (p/s: I really cry very hard for this 2 super bad news for days T_T)
I'm so sorry baby!! But thanks God that my family were helped a lot and take good care of him. After 2weeks sick, now he finally recover. =)
This year is hubby's first daddy birthday but just too bad cant celebrate together with Ethan as papa choose to go back home 2weeks later to celebrate lantern festival with his son.
Well, wishing papa happy birthday and earn as much as money for us.. haha ^^
Time were flies and Ethan is 15mths now. He getting more and more naughty and energetic, really tired and exhausted to deal with him now. LOL
anyway, his weight is 10.5kg now.
(p/s: I just wondering how come his weight still the same for this 3 months , it's normal?)
Many people said he look like mummy and I have to admit, he got a very tam jiak mouth like mummy as well. Hahaha~~
Beside of look and tam jiak mouth, Ethan as same as his mummy love Mcdonals to the max too. LOL!!! Not only the foods, he like skateboard very very much. He can slide at his ownself since 1year old. Here's the sister's nightmare start as he everyday make noise to M. He can recognize the yellow big signboard very well anytime they went out.

As I told you, he really very tam jiak!!
See... he love mooncake as well. hehe ^^


First lantern festival for Ethan. ^^ 
But I told you, he doesnt know what is this about.. haha~~ He dint really enjoy it and mummy very tired to pay 200% attention of him to make sure he dint get touch on the candles. So can see from the photo, the most enjoyable one is papa... =='
No la... we all also very happy and enjoy la.. Haha ^o^

Thursday, September 6, 2012


八月头的假期, 爸爸终于带我们到Setiawan大伯公庙去走走喽 =) Ethan好像有听得懂我跟他说: 要早点睡饱饱这天要早早起来去gai gai! 果然他很合作~~ 一早就起来冲凉准备出门, 还满脸笑容哦~~ 哈哈

我们先抵达大姐家吃早餐, 再由大姐带领我们出发。这小瓜除了吃可以坐定定之外, 他还真的差点把大姐家给翻乱~~ 卡卡

从大姐家到这里大概是半小时多的车程! 这里真的好大、好壮观, 也好多人哦, 非常热闹!!!

好耶!!! 咱们母子终于能够和咱们的生肖来张合照了。很开心Ethan很合作, 不费任何力气和时间就乖乖地和妈咪拍了这么美的照。I like it to the max♥♥


这趟的半日游, Ethan真的很开心很开心, 一直在傻笑不停!!


这里除了场地大, 太阳也超级大 ==' 真的好晒好累, 而我也越走脚越痛!! 虽然如此, 但我还是觉得很开心很满足。=D

Ethan也大概是不够睡, 双眼皮突然跑出来了!! 哈哈哈~~ 他真的很奇怪, 每次不够睡觉眼睛就特别大 ==''

我都说了, 他真的很开心。他的嘴巴一直都没有关过, 一路上就一直呵呵..呵呵个不停~~ 真的很搞笑!!

p/s: 也好!! 给妈咪一个很好的机会sai ko爸爸要多带我们去游玩!! 爸爸看他宝贝儿子这么开心已有表示ok了哦~~ 嘻嘻!! 仔啊仔, 你真会合作啊~~ 哈哈 =P

消耗了这么多体力, 当然要吃好料补回咯。^^

tapi这个小瓜在车上小睡一会儿后就很有精神, 一直要下来到处走。


唯有吃, 他才能给你乖乖坐定定~~

看我大老板的pattern就知道, 这里的食物蛮好吃的、服务也不错, 很满意两三下~~ 哈哈

P/s: 其实看他装模作样, 我真的很想咬他 (^,^)

幸亏这一次虽然脚痛但依然照计划到Setiawan去走走。看Ethan这么开心, 真的什么痛都没有问题呐 =P

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

happy MC days

My leg pain for quite some times already and I did spend quite a lot of money on medical too but the pain just cant get away unless I took medicine on time. Sigh!!! =="
I really pray hard and hope that after this all and I do not need to take long period medicine anymore on next check-up.

On the other hand, I thankful for the long mc days as I can spend more happy times with my family and beloved son =D. (But felt sorry to hubby to let him spend the long weekend with lonely.. LOL)

Ethan is learning to walk before he turn 1year old. And now he can walk few steps without any help already (clap for him ^^).

p/s: Sis bring him to cut botak again to let his hair grow more even and nice. I find he super cutie on botak look.. hahaha

He is a very good laughter since born and now even
kua zhang for sometimes. He can just follow to laugh and so loud when see us chit-chat (is very true to said so, people laugh know he laugh dont know. keke) And sometime we also cant tahan not to laugh when see he keep "haha haha" LOL

And he is a little
ba wang at home now. Always like to grab phone and want to talk but too bad, he pandai act only!! hehe..

and of coz getting more and more naughty too. The new trick he play now:
geh geh cry and lay on floor to seek for sympathetic when can't get what he wants or getting scold.

p/s: I really damn
geram this gong tao zai...

Triple clarify, Ethan is a BOY!!! LOL
Sis keep scold me to see he wear this jumper!! Honestly, I dint noticed it's Minnie but I just get attracted by the sharp red color and I straight to bought it.

Indeed, Ethan just look good in this wear right?

most of the days we were just stay at home as I cant walk much. But I feel boring after 3days and decided to bring Ethan to Sentral see see and look look. =D We're here to enjoyed with tutti fruitti and sushi king.
See~~ my lovely son was so excited!!

On the last day, we went to Kampong Boyan's temple to pray and watch 游行. Ethan like to pray so much and he very happy yet a bit scare when listen the dong dong qiang...

No matter where he go, people will definitely give him foods to eat because he will show you, the very ho jiak's face!! hahaha....

because of Ethan, we get all of this!! hahaha~~
everyone also stop down to give him a candy + a little po mong on his cheek!! hehehe...

I really enjoyed this long MC days with all my beloved. And now, I have to wait for at least 1 month time to go back and enjoy with them again. How wish time can just flies and......... tomorrow is Mid Austen Day =D