Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye colourful 2008

Today is last day of 2008! Time gone through very very fast, wonderful 2008 going end up less than 24hrs. Recall back what have I done through the whole year and realised that year 2008 seems very great and fantastic for me~~ A lots of activities, celebration and gathering... WOW! My life, my mind, my album... fully by sweet memories and happiness~~~ Thanks for everyone who keep accompany me and make my life great and meaningful~ especially my darling!!! ^o^

Of cause there are some unhappy, displeased and frustration too... but life is short, I try to live in cheerful & delighted~~making my life joyful and wonderful!!! I wish all of my family and friends are same to me to be healthy and happy everyday, everywhere~~~CheeRs!!!

Anyway, last day also mean another celebration coming up too... countdown, wishing, fireworks and etc... wow, hopefully tonight celebration will be great and excited!!!

May all have a blessed year with more wealth & greater health!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

counting down long holiday...

Recently never upload new post I busy? busy on what leh? hmmm... busy on counting down my holiday~~~wahahaha!!!

Last week just finished enjoyed Christmas holiday~ but very fast, another long holiday coming up again!!! YeAh... very very happy and awaits it!!! This 2 weeks can consider as super relax and enjoyful week... especially for this week, work 2 & 1/2 days then can off for 5days~~hohoho~~~super relax and wonderful ^o^

Merry Christmas celebrated as usual with my colleagues and boss, had a dinner at restaurant and exchange gift there... This year foods served very good and nice but as for the service, i think have to improve much and much... sigh!!! There was Chinese Cruise Buffet... we ate as much as we can (if I'm not wrong, plus those repeat order, we had total ordered 20++ dishes for 10person) Christmas eve we also went for lunch after half-day work~wow, cham lor...I've put on weight again!!!sad...@_@ Lucky I get a weight machine from the exchange gift, I will work harder to keep slim from now onwards!!! ;p

I went to JB shopping with my darling on Christmas day. We bought so many clothes again... ;p (our cupboard really full of new clothes, said wanna control but never stop buying ==') The most make me happy was, my darling bought me a "Lovely Necklace" =) After tired on shopping then we back home and cook dinner our self... hmmm, recently I feel like to cooking, dunno why... just feel like wanna cook for him... feel like wanna let him feel happiness... wahahaha... of cause there were simple dishes, steam fish, steam egg and soup. Erm, may be just give me some time... I will try to learn more and more from my family. kAmpateh!!!

Nothing much special for my weekend but actually I'm quite enjoyed it as well with my darling! *o^ And now I was back to my work place... nothing much sales during month end further more now economy become bad to worst, totally no sales and much orders for me, sigh!!! But i still have to settle so many paper work... so bored!!! Anyway, I just have to work for this 2 and the 1/2days then i can go for my long holiday le so my mood still can consider as good ;p

Hmmm, still planning how to going enjoy my long holiday and the new year celebration~~ hopefully another joyful and sweet memories coming up!!! ^o^

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PleAsaNt hOlidAy *o*

I just came back from my Great & Wonderful holiday!!! Now super tired and sleepy...@___@ happy hours were past so fast... 4 pleasant days in my hometown were ended!!! It's time to re-concentrate on my work le...(my sales figure so little now ==') but i felt very languid and sluggish on my job~~~sigh!!!

Past 4days were very joyful and fun times at my hometown. Many people used to say there was nothings so joyful in my hometown...more activities and places for fun at s'pore... But for me, taiping is more comfortable and peaceful~~ that's why me lovely hometown named Taiping...=)
First day reached as usual at 6am... then went to "Kakak Kopitiam" ate our beloved "huo fan" with my lover and family. Then went to pokok assam pasar pagi to started shopping~I bought alots of new year clothes for everyone of my family... (less than 1hr buy up, spent about RM400+) Oh my godness... say there was small market but I still can spent so much at there) *o* After the whole day, I was used my times to accompany my family!!

Second day, we woke up at around 10am then after dress-up @11am, I went to Jawi with my lover and sister for fetishism! After back from Jawi, we settled our lunch at Old Town. The foods served were very very nice and yummy!!!Then I went to met-up my best friends, Soo Wah, Wendy & Jass...very happy and excited! ^o^ My best friend's daughter, Yuan Xin... very cute and pretty!!! Her eye so big and round~~wow... so cute... alike her mummy... pretty gal!!!

After gathering, I follow my dear to had dinner with his family. Then I back to my sister's kopitiam to accompany my family and wait for our midnight movie show "Bolt". Wow, so many activities...time no enough for enjoyed!!!hehehe *o^

Third day, we woke up at about 11am...really very tired coz this few days sleep late but wake up early! I went to attend 2nd gathering with my friends at KFC. Very funny and happy gathering... miss them so much!!!

After gathering, I went back to my dear's house for catnap~I really very tired as this few days keep enjoying... Then evening time still have to had dinner with my dear's family so need to rest more and be more vividly... ;p After dinner, me and my dear drink wine @ kopitiam to chit chat with my family and friends! The feeling was very very relax and happy...

I spent my half day at bank on my last day holiday. Honestly I hate went to bank, queue so long...but no choice, had to done it so! After busy on it, then it was last chance for me to went for shopping =p I went to Fashion Butik with my sisters and niece to make last hit out ^o^ Indeed, I spent RM400+ again for this time purchased ==' But I very happy because bought alots beauty clothes, pants and skirt!!! (",)

Clock walk so fast, it was time for departure~so sad!!! I really miss all of urs~~~ but CNY coming, few more weeks can meet you all again!!!^o^
last photo taken at bus.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Last goodbye for "angel"

Singapore's first-ever terrorist victim, killed in Mumbai last week when she was there at the wrong time for her duty! It's to be regretted to heard about this. Her death has jolted the nation, which prides itself on rigorous security measures, and politicians.

She was a optimistic girl, always with a smile...knows how to enjoy life...caring and selfless. Her photos has been regularly featured in newspaper... she was very pretty and sexy... As her husband mentioned, you can see that radiance of her soul when you look at her smiling face!!! She was extremely brave. Her voice didn't waver and she didn't want to panic her husband when she called him to say she was taken hostage!!! Wow, me sincerely admire her courageous!
Unfortunately, she was murdered by cruelly kill!!! :'(

I'm here to sent my prayers and well-wishes for her and her family! Hope "angel" will rest in peace and we will always remember "you"!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

iPhone ^o^

Yiipee~finally bought an iPhone yesterday!!! so happy... thanks for my colleague's help to sign up the contract for me... my dear very surprise and excited on it!!!*o* (i will remember his funny face when i delivered his beloved phone to his company for him ;p he was so touched, hmmm...i'm so proud on myself~be a such good gf =>) wahahaha...

Need to sign-up a contract at s'pore is super troublesome especially for foreigner... need work permit valid than 6 or 12 months depending on the plan, need pay deposit of $300 =='... and........ but if for s'porean only need their I/C, no more any deposit or extra charge~ +.+

After sign-up the contract, doesn't mean all settled... still have to take note which offer when expired then need to call up for cancellation, which step have to log-in Internet to activate the account... particularly for this iPhone, Oh My God~~faint!!! So many notes have to key-in to my brain... @_@ but as long as my dear happy on it, whatever I done were be worth!!! =)

Monday, December 1, 2008

mOndAy blue...

Haiyoo... monday again!!! so tired and moody... i dont understand how come every monday also is blue monday?! why not blue wednesday...??!! name no nice or monday really blue? +.+ Hmmm... I think may be is too enjoyed on weekend that's why moody and tired when the 1st day come back work~(but my whole week are moody days...only fRidAy is hAppy leh? ;p)

Y'day was a stupid day! @_@ we rushing out and in to JB twice because of 1 bottle of D.O.M =.=
As usual we will went to JB every sunday punctuality for punch Autopass card, shop and dine at there. but y'day my dear forget to bring out his colleague's D.O.M so we need to back and out again! faint!!! Custom was super jam... alamak, hate nia!!! No choice, he promised help his colleague so anyhow must do it for her! Lucky was a shady day, if not definitely faint at there~~

After busy on it, we went to Singtel shop for sign contract of iPhone. There was long queue too... then we wait... wait...wait for about 1 hour finally our turn~ After make decision and payment, another bad new for us that was my dear work permit valid less than 6months so cant sign the contract... (what the hell, earlier no informed then now we wait so long time just told us that) no choice, both of our permit also valid less than that so cant make it! My dear totally sad and worn-out. Busy for whole day... be completely exhausted and burnt up our joyful Sunday but then we only get disappointed and tired!!! =(

Darling, please no more upset! We wait for 1 more month, after re-new your work permit then we go to sign it again~Only 1month, we awaits and count down it together ba~~~