Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hAppY NiU yEaR ^o^

Gong Xi Fa Cai~ Wan Shi Ru Yi~ *o*

still be very exciting... jubilant and happy festival mood~
but I was back to work now -_-
Even it was short holiday yet I had very enjoyed on it with my beloved family and friends~ ^o*

I'm taken Friday nite bus back to hometown...Ooohs, the traffic was super jam! Wasted 2hours at checkpoint, about 9hours on the journey... reached taiping at 9am the day before New Year's Eve ==' (normally reached at about 5am only) Spent about 11hours from s'pore to Taiping... wAkAo~Super... super tired neh~ dizzy & giddy... @_@

Frankly, I not have be affected by New Year's atmosphere. It just look like same as usual merely can saw many cars from overseas (everywhere were traffic jam), many friends...relatives and visitors from far away, each and every family were busy on shopping and buying~
My 2 sisters were busy on their business too, so definitely I stay and help them. Day time helped my 3rd sister at her snack shop awhile then we went to bought hamper and foods for New Year. Then night time was busy at my 4th sister's kopitiam~Not only me have to work, all my niece and nephews also have to be helper~ A lots of customers take turn presence, given us a lot of business and works, it's GREAT!!! :)

The 2nd day was New Year's Eve, more and more friends and relatives came back, able to be sense much and much of new year's feeling! ^o^ Early morning I was at home to helped my mother prepared foods to served and pray. Then attended my friend's R.O.M at Taiping temple to be witness of theirs well-being! And then carry on by friends gathering after the ceremony. Hmmm, quite numbers of friend were absent this gathering because of busy. Anyway, we still keep on our gathering at Sushi King and shop around Taiping Central. As usual, our reunion dinner will be having at my uncle's house. After the dinner, all of my family were gamble at my 4th sister's new house. Hahaha... (gambling can not be short during new year~ ;p)

First day of CNY, woke up early to take red packet from my family. Wow, gain in a lot of big red packet this year... so glad!!! My house was fully with noise and excitement, big group of family reunite together and have a jolly time together...sweet, warm and fragrant~ so great and wonderful!!!
Second day of CNY, last day of my holiday too :( Cherish my last day to keep accompany my family and visited my relatives. As departure time on early so noon time I was stay at home to packed my luggage. My mum & sisters baked so much variety of biscuits and cookies for me~ truly touch and appreciate... sincerely cherish and treasure all of you! Love you all so much... muack!!!

Hereby, wishing all of my beloved 新年快樂~事業高升~身体健康~萬事如意~ 一帆風順, 二龍騰飛, 三羊開泰, 四季平安, 五福臨門, 六六大順, 七星高照, 八方來財, 九九同心, 十全十美! 百事亨通, 千事吉祥, 萬事如意!!! 牛年行大運 !!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


tiring... boring... disgusting...
all of this are my current feel~ haiz.z.z.z...!!!!
I suppose to be happy and exciting to counting down CNY but then now...... sigh!!!
Really hate on it... fed-up with it... tired of it... bored on it...
Oh my God~~~ going MAD & CRAZY soon... :@:@:@:@

really hate on "your" manners~(self-important, arrogant, never care the feeling of the rest +.+)
really fed-up with "your" attitude~(say one thing and mean another ==')
really tired of messy paper work pass from "you"~(look such smart girl but done simple paper work with complete mess @_@)
really bored on "your" instructions~(never seen you do well on task, base on what you keep give comments and instruct to all of us even boss?!)

Don't know which is the best word to describe "you"...
I only know~ All of us really cant bear with you anymore~
Please take note on your attitude & manners now onwards~
If this situations keep continue, if "you" overstep our limit~
I swear...We, particularly is me...
Wont let 'you" off easily ~ wont accommodate to"you" anymore~
I will fight with "you" after all sufficiently~

Thursday, January 8, 2009


My beloved baby... Jackson has be at Primary 1 luuu~~~
He is studying at my old school... Ooopss, 16years ago I was at Pri 1, right now is my baby take turn...OMG~~ Times were really flies very very fast!!!!

Recall back my schooling times, there were really fun and fun! Of cause my baby have many interesting stores too when he just step-in to the school. ( so sad that unable accompany him when his first day at school)

First day in school, he never felt unfamiliar neither make a racket but then he is a very good boy. Obediently on what teacher said, help each other with friends... (first day of school then he get know all the classmate~how friendly he is :D) His memory very good too... can recognize all the teacher and friends (so smart leh) moreover, he pay his respect to all teachers whenever and wherever... such good boy!!! Heard from my family, he still have many cute action at school... can imagine how funny he been at there... hahaha!!! I miss him so much~~~~

In the meantime, he was very pity and stressful now onwards! He have to woke up earlier morning 6am (wakao, earlier than me 7am). After get out of class at 1pm, he only have little time for snap then have to attend tuition class at 3pm... (haiyoo, how tired he been) Every time my sister was grudgingly to awake him when he be sunk in sleep (his asleep face was very cute and u sure will not be willing to awake him) BUT have no choice... market is very compete now... have to study hard to defeat competitor~

BABY, hope you will study hard and be champion!!Kampateh ohhh...
Wish all my niece and nephew study hard and get excellent achievement!!! I will support all of yours every minute... every times!!! Kampateh~~~

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

fiRst pOst of 2009

It's 2009... is time to lay out the old calender and put in the new one... (in fact my new calender has been stand-by for changing since early ;p)

I was back from my holidays and start work today...sigh!!! 5days holidays flies so fast... return back to work place again...sien!!! My body was back but my heart still on holiday mood +_+ don't know why recently felt very lazy for work and looking forward to every holiday upcoming~~await for more and more holidays and day-off~~~ ;p

Urmm, as for this time holiday, i dint really have special enjoyment or program. Just enjoyed as normal with my darling at home... can consider as there were leisurely and relaxed time for us. Everyday slept till midday (if working days have to wake-up before 7am)~ spent our time with carefree and naturally... not have to rushing it at all... quite fine and glorious!!! ('',)

Definitely we spent a lots on shopping again...==' (mega sales leh... didn't buy when promotion is loss ooh...;p very good reason for buying again *o^) But this round, I bought so much were for my family... (cham, I'm not really know how to bring back my big luggage to hometown cause my darling was no around with me~haiz.z.z) Beside that, we also bought alots food for cooking and DIY at home... :) we become so good at cooking now... no more only steam fish and steam egg but then we still have spaghetti, chicken and seafood soup... I think more and more coming up soon...hehehe!!!

OK, have to back to my work place le... 1st day of work, so much things need to do...sigh!!!
(think positive another way~ work 4days then weekend again lor... lets start countdown...wahaaa)