Monday, April 25, 2011

Tea-Break Time

心情舒畅得多了! =)

我好幸福哦!!! (",)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Lately I was super duper busy! Colleague Jenny was on long medical leave for her throat operation; aunty colleague was on 2days MC last week and she might go for Acute Appendix operation soon else. Office just left me and 2 new staffs so I gotta be multi-worker to settle all the things. *tired & faint*

Well, today is Good Friday and Thanks God there is long weekend for rest! =) The most happiest, hubby is off too! ^^

I never have a good rest today still, on the contrary It's busy but happy day! ;) We have steamboat session tonight with big gang of friends *Wheeee*

Beside fish balls and some sea-foods, we still have dumplings ^^

He is hubby's colleague from china!

deng.. deng... the nice and pretty dumplings made by a guy!!!
It proved that he used to be a chef at China.. *clap for him*
I don't really like dumplings actually because of the 韭菜,
but this really yummy and I just fall love with it! *Thumb up*

While he non-stop making, all of us non-stop testing too! wahaha... It become "pig leg"(主角) for tonight steamboat session instead of fish ball and others. It is something special for 9 of us and we all really enjoyed this night!

p/s: sorry for no photos to shared as I was busy playing with a little cute handsome boy ^^

Friday, April 15, 2011

2nd birthday celebration

12 April'11, was a great and wonderful day as it's my birthday and I had day off to enjoyed it! =) Although my hubby was busy work and unable to celebrate with me ;( But, Thanks God there still have someone so nice to keep me accompanied and celebrated with me :) Greatly appreciated and thanks to her, my dear Vivies and her cute daughter Hui Enn ^^

Your truly...
Wish me Happy Birthday and All The Best! =)

We had quick lunch, chicken chop at CS' food court.

Then we proceed to cinema after the quick lunch.
An enjoyable show must come with pop-corn, right?! lol
p/s: Vivies Voon, Hui Enn and I ^^

It's fun and nice movie to watch! The Easter Island is so beautiful and the colourful candies brighten up my day ^^

After the show, it's about 2.30pm! Myself and the little girl were getting tired and we decided to back my home for rest. Little girl keep remind her mum to bought cake when we going back home (her mum told her is my birthday and wanted to celebrate with me so she never forget must buy cake for celebration.. haha, how clever is she =D)

deng... deng...
It's yummy dark chocolate cake ^^

Thanks so much to both of them..
Greatly appreciated it ^^

the little cute girl happily sang the birthday song to me...

We make wish together...

and cut cake together as well...

the cake really yummy.. I Love it =)

Before they left, the little girl present me a hug and kiss!
I think, this is the most sweet and nice present for my day ^^

Once again, thank you all for the celebration and well wishes! I wish myself happy always and 天天好天! ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

24th Birthday - First celebration ^^

As usual, we had birthday celebration at office on our birthday eve and will off on our actual birthday date! *wink* =)

this year, my dear colleague bought me yummy fruit cake. *drool*

and thanks to this sweet gal, my ex-colleague! Purposely take off day and came back to have celebration together with us and guess what.. she bring present too!!! How touched & happy am I... =)

Our big group photo with the new staff in black...

sang the birthday song and make a wish ^^
p/s: I just had a short and simple but meaningful wish.. =)

cut cake luuu...

Next, 3 of us went to Aston for lunch together!

We had
Chargrill Chicken Chop & Grill Fish with Herb...

Thanks to Jenny for the lunch treat! :)

p/s: This day I ate a lot free yummy foods.. feeling so good! =)

*Greatly appreciated*

Sunday, April 10, 2011


前两天不知怎么了, 突然长出这么多的红点, 非常非常地痒~

什么药膏, 什么粉都搽了, 依然不能止痒~~~


谁来救救我啊!!! =(

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jin Jing New Opening & Xian's Bday @ 02 April'11

上星期五, 我和老公特地拿假搭巴士回乡祝贺四姐的新店开张。幸亏我们都回来帮忙, 实在是有够忙的!==' 装修工程在开张的前一天才完工, 我们就只有一天的时间, 要清洗店面和所有的用具、还要准备自助餐的食物、还有许许多多的杂事。。。不止我们大人得忙, 就连小瓜们也得出手帮忙! (幸亏我家的小瓜们个个都是好帮手。。:D)

Located @ Taman Matang Utama
(Beside Sek. Men. Simpang)

开张当天一早, 大家都在忙着准备食物。。

我们忙完我们可以做的工作之后, 就来拍照咯 ;)

中午十二点, 正式开张咯!

祝: 生意兴隆、客似云来

当天的天气热到不行, BB也起了抗议! 还好新家就在店的后面, 赶紧步行回家休息一会儿, 接着还要替侄儿庆祝生日呢!

yummy fruit cake!!! 真的好好吃哦。。。

Happy Birthday to him...

and May All his dream become true ^^

Niece want him take out candles by mouth, and he just do it! lolz..

last but not least, I do whatever I promised and hope he wont forget my ice-cream cake ;p
p/s: But I never go back liao when I birthday... sad ='(