Wednesday, August 29, 2012

happy MC days

My leg pain for quite some times already and I did spend quite a lot of money on medical too but the pain just cant get away unless I took medicine on time. Sigh!!! =="
I really pray hard and hope that after this all and I do not need to take long period medicine anymore on next check-up.

On the other hand, I thankful for the long mc days as I can spend more happy times with my family and beloved son =D. (But felt sorry to hubby to let him spend the long weekend with lonely.. LOL)

Ethan is learning to walk before he turn 1year old. And now he can walk few steps without any help already (clap for him ^^).

p/s: Sis bring him to cut botak again to let his hair grow more even and nice. I find he super cutie on botak look.. hahaha

He is a very good laughter since born and now even
kua zhang for sometimes. He can just follow to laugh and so loud when see us chit-chat (is very true to said so, people laugh know he laugh dont know. keke) And sometime we also cant tahan not to laugh when see he keep "haha haha" LOL

And he is a little
ba wang at home now. Always like to grab phone and want to talk but too bad, he pandai act only!! hehe..

and of coz getting more and more naughty too. The new trick he play now:
geh geh cry and lay on floor to seek for sympathetic when can't get what he wants or getting scold.

p/s: I really damn
geram this gong tao zai...

Triple clarify, Ethan is a BOY!!! LOL
Sis keep scold me to see he wear this jumper!! Honestly, I dint noticed it's Minnie but I just get attracted by the sharp red color and I straight to bought it.

Indeed, Ethan just look good in this wear right?

most of the days we were just stay at home as I cant walk much. But I feel boring after 3days and decided to bring Ethan to Sentral see see and look look. =D We're here to enjoyed with tutti fruitti and sushi king.
See~~ my lovely son was so excited!!

On the last day, we went to Kampong Boyan's temple to pray and watch 游行. Ethan like to pray so much and he very happy yet a bit scare when listen the dong dong qiang...

No matter where he go, people will definitely give him foods to eat because he will show you, the very ho jiak's face!! hahaha....

because of Ethan, we get all of this!! hahaha~~
everyone also stop down to give him a candy + a little po mong on his cheek!! hehehe...

I really enjoyed this long MC days with all my beloved. And now, I have to wait for at least 1 month time to go back and enjoy with them again. How wish time can just flies and......... tomorrow is Mid Austen Day =D


Hayley said...

Hmm, pray hard for your legs' condition too... Speedy speedy recovery!

Haha ya, Ethan looks great even with his bald head! ;)

EveLyn said...

Thanks, Mei.