Thursday, October 18, 2012

I wish to blog more...

It has been quite long times since my last log-in. I really wish to do update more often especially about my precious son but situations were not allowed due to busy work, home pc spoil, bad luck and etc... ;(
Let's do a quick and simple update for my recent days:
1st Oct, was a super bad day for me as our s'pore bike gone missing during our quick dinner time. T_T It just with us about 1year time and very cosy price. The fact really kill us badly and we were super down for time being. But what to do, still have to accept the true!! ;(
On the same day afternoon, I received call from sister that doctor finally advised Ethan to be hospitalized as his flu and phlegm didn't getting better even inhaled gas for 3days already. I was panic and heart pain when heard about it. Think to go back home immeately but unfortunately bike missing at night and everything were screw up. (p/s: I really cry very hard for this 2 super bad news for days T_T)
I'm so sorry baby!! But thanks God that my family were helped a lot and take good care of him. After 2weeks sick, now he finally recover. =)
This year is hubby's first daddy birthday but just too bad cant celebrate together with Ethan as papa choose to go back home 2weeks later to celebrate lantern festival with his son.
Well, wishing papa happy birthday and earn as much as money for us.. haha ^^
Time were flies and Ethan is 15mths now. He getting more and more naughty and energetic, really tired and exhausted to deal with him now. LOL
anyway, his weight is 10.5kg now.
(p/s: I just wondering how come his weight still the same for this 3 months , it's normal?)
Many people said he look like mummy and I have to admit, he got a very tam jiak mouth like mummy as well. Hahaha~~
Beside of look and tam jiak mouth, Ethan as same as his mummy love Mcdonals to the max too. LOL!!! Not only the foods, he like skateboard very very much. He can slide at his ownself since 1year old. Here's the sister's nightmare start as he everyday make noise to M. He can recognize the yellow big signboard very well anytime they went out.

As I told you, he really very tam jiak!!
See... he love mooncake as well. hehe ^^


First lantern festival for Ethan. ^^ 
But I told you, he doesnt know what is this about.. haha~~ He dint really enjoy it and mummy very tired to pay 200% attention of him to make sure he dint get touch on the candles. So can see from the photo, the most enjoyable one is papa... =='
No la... we all also very happy and enjoy la.. Haha ^o^


Hayley said...

Well, life has it's ups and downs.
Glad that things are alright now...

Haha ya, Ethan very tam jiak! But still looking cute!
Hugs hugs to you and Ethan!

EveLyn said...

Thank you so much my dear york mei. U'r so sweet... ^^

w-jenny said...

bike missing in Singapore?
report to police?
'po cai xiao zai'
the most important is health!
ur super cute son is recover!

EveLyn said...

Jenny, bike missing in JB. ;( Ya, should think 'po cai xiao zai" lo.. thx ya ^^