Thursday, March 5, 2009

Going holiday luuuuu

Yiipee~ finally settled and done all paper work ~
and now waiting for holiday luu~HURRAY!!! :)

This few days busy on clearing works, super super busy~
finally finished it all and can going holiday relaxing... ;p
very exciting and looking forward it~
so miss my family and friends and everythings in hometown~
miss...miss...miss...miss...miss... miss so muchhhhhhhhhh~

Taken 3days leave + weekend, total can enjoy for 5days~
wow~ so syok and happy!!! ;)
Even just come back from hometown not really long time ago,
I think only about 1month ago, but I feel like long long time dint go back le ;p

Counting down timing now, left about 3hrs+ then knock off le~
rushing back home to get ready everythings,
departure time at 9pm... but around 7.30pm got to out le~
then bye bye lor S'pore!!! wahahaha....


AnNy said... need bye bye la....
after 5 days come back d....
but i'm so sad cannot attend wendy weeding ler....haiz

Anonymous said...
so sweet can go back ur hometown!

enjoy ur holiday!