Monday, September 28, 2009

Desaru Trip

Went to Desaru last Saturday which organised by HP Singapore... They given our company 4 free tickets actually, but then my boss managed to get another free ticket for my bf so that he lucky can joined. ;)

Woke up 5am early morning, take about 45mins to get ready out to sg. Reached the pick-up point at 7.15am and on time my boss came to fetched us to HP's office and take coach transfer to Changi Ferry Terminal. (faint...came from jb then take ferry out to jb again...sob sob)

About 30mins journey by air-conditioner ferry from Changi Ferry Terminal (SG) to Tanjung Belungkor (JB), then follow by 30mins coach transfer to the Desaru Fruit Farm. (quite tiring if drive by own)

5 of us from my company

taken in the ferry

Organiser was given some quizzes to while away time when in ferry. And how lucky am I was won the prize... a bottle of candied fruit and ang pow with RM50~damn happy on it. :)

First scenic spots was Fruit Farm. There got a large souvenir shop with a lot of fresh fruits for shopping.

After shopping then is time for lunch...yaahooo (we never take breakfast, hungry like ghost ==')
They served us with a table of fresh fruits and buffet lunch...

After lunch was time for exercises and activities with the local tour guide. Stroll around in tropical fruit land, vegetable and herbal garden, goat barn, bunny house, and ostrich corner, Koi fish pond and bee aviary. And also an educational bees talk and raw honey tasting. (wahkao...imagine the feel 爆晒under the big and tiring... but quite fun also lar ;p)

For more pictures to view, please see here.

Next will be Ostrich Farm. From fruit farm to there is about 1hr journey, so that we can catch snap in the bus. (Thanks God). Another fun and enjoyable experience here, especially for the ostrich egg. The largest egg in the world, its shell very thick and can support for 100 over kgs heavy. Its not easy to crack like chicken egg, need special tools like nail and hammer to extract the egg, really amazing and interesting. big the yolk~

For more details about Ostrich Farm, can see here.

After Ostrich Farm, we went to Sungei Rengit to taken Lobster seafood dinner, which only take about 10mins to reached there. After dinner, take another 1hr journey to Kota Tinggi to explore the beauty of Fly Flies at Johor River. Really beautiful and nice viewing there. (so sad that cant take photo as will frighten up the fly flies).

For more details about Fly Flies, please click here.

After this all is already 9pm. From here back to Johor Bahru is need another 1hr journey. So that we reached home is about 10.30pm. Wah, really really tired and strain. But its enjoyable and wonderful trip. Hope that I have chance to bring my family along... awaits for the day coming. :)


AnNy said...

bring me go la

AnNy said...

wei,,thanks for the big mango also ya...

EveLyn said...

Anny~okies,let's plan on it~ ;)

Hayley said...

where's exactly is Desaru?
wah the ostrich egg is really BIG! abit gerli leh :p

EveLyn said...

Hayley~Desaru is located at Johor, further down Kota Tinggi. There also famous with Desaru beach & crocodile farm. Yayaya, the ostrich egg really giant big, it almost same with 24 dos of chicken egg leh...but it less cholesterol than chicken egg...

Esther aka xReika said...

haha.. 1st time see u blog in english leh.. blog in english faster rite?? but 比较没那么好表达 rite?