Monday, September 12, 2011

A Happy Day

Happy Birthday to my dear hubby ^^
Wish him All the BEST &
love and sayang me more often... LOL

We went for famous curry fish head at Ah Fok street, JB
from the queue, we took about half an hour to get seats

another 10mins more to wait for foods served
yummy "dao ki" with curry ^^
myself and hubby's all time favorite ('',)

It's worth to queue up the line!!! haha

Next, we have date with The Smurfs ^^

Before went in to the theater,
we found a good thing at a secret corner intro by friend

A massage chair... ^^
I took about 10mins massage there while they smoked
felt so good after the relax massage
How wish I can get one at my home!! ==

Last but not least,
Happy Moon cake Festival ^_^


Hayley said...

Happy belated birthday to your hubby~ But it'll be even perfect if your bb can celebrate together =)

Happy mid autumn festival to you too!

EveLyn said...

Mei, ya lo.. too bad my husband work on Sat so cant go back! ;( anyway, thx ya.. ^^