Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bid Farewell

My colleague, our champion/top sales girl decided to leave us and guess what... she announced it to us on "nian 28" and make all of suffer and sad during CNY. =( This day 17/2/12 was her last day in our company. Be frank I cant believe it since the day we knew as she get back home so high pay and my boss so sayang her and so on..... until this day!! I been forced to accept this true ='(

5years we been work together, gone thru a lot of good and bad time together. From the beginning bad relationship become to these day close friendship, I really felt sad to let her go. But no choice, because of some politics and human being, I have to understand her and let her go.

(p/s: may be soon else I will be the third one cause another so called new colleague planning to leave soon... sienz)

Well, let's have last group photo in office. As boss quoted, life still have to move on no matter what's happening. Cheers!!!

After work, we went for a farewell dinner at Park Royal Hotel.

A lot of yummy foods to choose
the buffer is about $40+++ per person.

After foods, open gift session. Both presents from Boss and our accountant, who didn't joined us for dinner.

And myself present her a cup with our lovely photo print. ^^ Before she unwrap, all of them guessing what is inside and I so hao lian to answer : something will make her touched!! Indeed, her tears drop when saw it and hug me so tight. Haaahaa =P

Present just a tough, but the wished is best regards from heart!! All the Best, friend~~


Hayley said...

That's part of the working life, colleague comes and goes..

Wish your ex colleague best of luck too~

EveLyn said...

Thank you, Mei.