Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My 1st blog

Finally, created a new acc here!!! Act i dont have tendency to start blogging here, just be prompted by a sudden to have mood to write blog...

Time was gone thru very fast, it's year end of 2008 and new year is coming soon! Left 1 more month, 2008 will be end!!!Read back my last year blog, I was still very excited to count down and look forward it but now its time to awaits and preparing for 2009!!!

At this moment, I very miss 'u'... miss our friendship so much!!! Unexpected vary on our relationship between this short period...too much of misunderstanding... even if we had discuss and talk over it, but seen like incurable... I really cant understand it... all the way we'r very close and intimate as best sister...but all was changeover for no reason at all!!! Haiz.z.z.z.z... no word can describe it!!!

Anyway, everythings has been past!!! Life still have to keep on... Although there were so much grieved but I still will enjoying my days as much as I can...

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