Sunday, November 30, 2008

My beloved phone from beloved dArLing

Figure out that my old phone has been accompany me for about 4years... there were a lots of thoughts and feelings... that's why I grudge to abandon it. But then it getting older and sometime will stop operate itself... so have no more choice need to change it!

In spite of think wanna buy new phone since long time ago, but I still grudge to disused my old phone, so still shilly-shally to make decision on buy new phone until now! It was my character... repel the new environment or somethings new which need time to used on it... I don't like to try... can say that I like peaceful more than changing all the time~~~

In the end, my darling bought me Sony Ericsson W980i!! I was very very happy and be thankful to him. Finally change to use new phone... no more shilly-shally on make decision... hahaha...
Dear, thanks so much for bought me a new phone and I will treasure it very much!

Now, even I have another new phone but I still wont give up the old phone... I still will keep it for spare!!! (hoho, can act like businesswoman need to use 2 mobile...hehehe) ^_*

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