Thursday, November 27, 2008

YeAr eNd mEEtiNg

"Lets us have a meeting later..." My boss announced to all of us early morning last tuesday! I felt very happy instead of fear... :D (hmmm...coz only have good news then we just will have a meeting ^o^)

As indeed, my boss gave us so many good news...Hahaha!!! First, we will gain 1month bonus this year ( great!!!) My boss say hopefully this new will let all of us feel at ease coz now economic too bad... so many bad news from newspaper that there were cut pay and no bonus~ my boss still joke a day to me that ask me can delete that email title of "this year no bonus" (coz my bf sent the email to my office mailbox for me) Oh my goodness!!! (my face so red...==')

Second, Christmas Eve & New Year Eve definitely is half-day work as usual... Additional, we can have a turn to off day on Boxing Day 26/12 or 2/1/09 (yiipee~ extra holiday =>) Christmas dinner was indispensable... (my boss is Christian, merry christmas such as CNY for him)

Finally, my boss announced our next year company trip might be Taiwan!!!(Yeah... Wonderful!!) But after discussion, the trip might be on DEC'09... (Haiz.z.z... still have to wait so long time) but it not a conclusion yet, hopefully can have it earlier... I really too impatient to wait it anymore!!!

In the end, we still will gain some shopping voucher from my boss too! My boss continue... hope we no more grumbling and depressed... No matter what happening, life still have to keep on! Yup, that's right!!! No wonder how... must try live on happy and jolly life!!!

At the last, our meeting was ended with... cheerful and delighted~~~~ ^o^

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