Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Harry!

Last 2 weeks, we celebrated our courier guy's birthday in office. He has been worked at CJ for so many years and boss never miss out to gave him birthday celebration. (my boss indeed is a super good boss in this world, *clap for boss*)

guess how old is he??

He is 50 years old yet single and available... lol
Happy Birthday to you, Harry!
Wish you All the best and stay happy always!

our group picture ^.^

After the birthday song, let's enjoyed the yummy cake...

guy doesn't know to cut cake, so girl helped up!
enjoying the cake...
happy ending with finished it all =)


Hayley said...

Haha, happy birthday to your colleague as well..
yes, guys are not good at cutting cake, somehow still we girls are better, haha :P

EveLyn said...

hahaha... yea, proud to be a girl! *wink*