Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun Kukup Trip ~ Day 1 09/10/10

p/s: I took 2days time to get it success post as unable to paste the chinese word in and need re-upload photos and re-do everything *sigh* No choice and I gotta blog in english =='

Well, Thanks God for the blessed of my granny so that we be able to enjoyed the long awaited Kukup trip over the weekend. (going to cancel the trip last minute as granny in serious sickness on last Friday but luckily she was fine at last) After the quick breakfast, we were heading to Kukup by Ma Lee's car quickly as we were late for an hour. (Can't blame, the 2 jiu kui had beer drinks till 4.30am last night, and guess what, there are total 20+ bottle of beers for total 4 of them... gosh!!! ) Okies, go back to the topic, let's picture do talking...

I'm still in good mood although just get snap for 3hours =p
(can gai gai sure happy mah... lolz)

see the drunkard look... so stim!!! haha

On the boat to our chalet~ ^^

(dear in white and Ma Lee in black, both are the jiu kui as mentioned above =p, that's why this gang of buddies like to called them "kakak adik")

the nice sea view~

the beautiful double storey chalet *woohoo*

wow~ two large multi-purpose living room
It is very clean and comfortable house, I like it so much!!!

this is the room to share by 4 of us

a simple lunch of the day, fry mee hoon with curry chicken and red bean soup.

(can ask for refill if no enough, owner is always get ready to fulfill our needs)

outside was super hot, so all of us were stay in house to enjoyed the air-corn ^^

some of them played mahjong, some were sing K and watch movie...

And me, enjoying snap photos all around... =)

Next, we shift to upstairs to continue game and fun after get bored at downstairs
wow~ upstairs is very big too ^^

p/s: I cant stop laugh to see this kinda photos... lolz

They found very boring if just only play card so come out with an idea, who lose and gotta to get draw face. Everyone is very gan cheong and indeed it make more fun! hahaha

evening time, the owner prepared us some snack.
fry tau fu and "har peng" <- (in cantonese)
very nice and yummy~ we ask more & more... ;)

Wait for dear awake and then we went out to walk around the kukup village...
the weather is damn hot so ice kacang is must eat!!! =p
The mango pomelo ice is so nice... awwww, so syok to eat!!! ;)

Next, shopping time!!! =)
Yes, nowadays Kukup is upgraded! A lot shops and mini market there, and the new massage shop too... wow! Compare to the last year, Kukup seem more & more progressive...
I get myself a short pant and dear bought some local titbit for his colleagues.
And the local famous jelly cake is must buy gift too! I ordered 11 boxes in total. =)

our time is so zhun! Reached home on time and get ready to start dinner~
The owner will get done all bbq for us, we just sit and wait to eat... hehe
taken it at outside chalet, all of us love the cooling sea breeze so much...

the variety and yummy foods ^^
p/s: same too... can refill until you all eat full full =)
Overall the bbq is not bad but the vegetable is very sweet and nice!
so we ask 1 more plate of it. hehe...

We spent some time to enjoyed the foods and talk.
The tide is low, the sea is quiet;
The night is peaceful and windy...
how relaxed and carefree day!!! ~.~

Happy Hour!!! Let's drink.... ^^
but the both jiu kui drink not much, scared of it already... wahaha

random pics of the night! *my face turn red after some beer* =p

Gave a little surprise to both October's birthday girl, See Yun & Xiao Qin before go off to the bed! Happy Birthday in advanced and All the Best!!! =)


Hayley said...

Where is Kukup? Is it a tourist spot?

Hmm, the house is very big! Just like a real resident bungalow! haha :D

EveLyn said...

York Mei,ya the hse is very big and nice ;)
erm, kukup is a fishing village as same as kuala sepetang, it located at Pontian Johor. u can go to the web to know more about it -->

Gallivanter said...

For the live of me, I haven't heard of Kukup.