Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas celebration at office

今年的圣诞节与往年一样, 叫外卖在公司庆祝一番。
时间过得很快, 这是我第四年与同事们一起过Xmas咯~
去年的今天, 我们还在台湾过了特别的圣诞, 好想念台湾啊!!! =p
今年虽然只是简简单单地庆祝, 但只要大家Happy就好啦~ =)

早早就抽好了名字, 各自为对方买心意礼物。
好多份礼物hor? 7份是真的, 其余的都是空的~ 哈哈

同样叫了Pizza Hut delivery...
还有老板娘为我们准备的炒面和fish& sotong ball...
^ Yumm Yumm^


one more shoot with lady boss,
who hide herself behind boss =p

Me with the present which got my name ^^
can you guess what is it? =p

All of us with own present
*sorry its so blur*

this is what I get from the same person every year!
A bit surprise yet sad because it not fit me... =(

But, super duper happy because of big surprise from beloved boss.
He get all of us Longchamp Bag all the way from Barcelona by SQ flight!
Haha... Finally I got my 1st branded bag~ Hoorayyyy!!!
Thanks so much and greatly appreciated to my Boss. =)

p/s: I will be half-day work for tomorrow and its last day work for Hubby! He will be on super long off days till next year!*How good* Hope we will have a great and nice long weekend ahead... ^^

By here, Wish you all Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! ;)


Hayley said...

Wow!! Longchamp bag!! So generous leh your boss!
Merry Christmas to you ya! ^^

EveLyn said...

是的,他真是个好好老板!非常非常地疼爱与照顾我们员工! 能够认识他,真是感谢上天的眷顾! 也祝你有个开心的圣诞节^^