Friday, April 15, 2011

2nd birthday celebration

12 April'11, was a great and wonderful day as it's my birthday and I had day off to enjoyed it! =) Although my hubby was busy work and unable to celebrate with me ;( But, Thanks God there still have someone so nice to keep me accompanied and celebrated with me :) Greatly appreciated and thanks to her, my dear Vivies and her cute daughter Hui Enn ^^

Your truly...
Wish me Happy Birthday and All The Best! =)

We had quick lunch, chicken chop at CS' food court.

Then we proceed to cinema after the quick lunch.
An enjoyable show must come with pop-corn, right?! lol
p/s: Vivies Voon, Hui Enn and I ^^

It's fun and nice movie to watch! The Easter Island is so beautiful and the colourful candies brighten up my day ^^

After the show, it's about 2.30pm! Myself and the little girl were getting tired and we decided to back my home for rest. Little girl keep remind her mum to bought cake when we going back home (her mum told her is my birthday and wanted to celebrate with me so she never forget must buy cake for celebration.. haha, how clever is she =D)

deng... deng...
It's yummy dark chocolate cake ^^

Thanks so much to both of them..
Greatly appreciated it ^^

the little cute girl happily sang the birthday song to me...

We make wish together...

and cut cake together as well...

the cake really yummy.. I Love it =)

Before they left, the little girl present me a hug and kiss!
I think, this is the most sweet and nice present for my day ^^

Once again, thank you all for the celebration and well wishes! I wish myself happy always and 天天好天! ;)


Hayley said...

Wow, nice!
Got 3rd celebration or not? :P

EveLyn said...

HAHA~ should have coz Sunday is my Lunar Birthday! I oledi 明示to my hubby, hope he got my heart! lolz