Wednesday, April 13, 2011

24th Birthday - First celebration ^^

As usual, we had birthday celebration at office on our birthday eve and will off on our actual birthday date! *wink* =)

this year, my dear colleague bought me yummy fruit cake. *drool*

and thanks to this sweet gal, my ex-colleague! Purposely take off day and came back to have celebration together with us and guess what.. she bring present too!!! How touched & happy am I... =)

Our big group photo with the new staff in black...

sang the birthday song and make a wish ^^
p/s: I just had a short and simple but meaningful wish.. =)

cut cake luuu...

Next, 3 of us went to Aston for lunch together!

We had
Chargrill Chicken Chop & Grill Fish with Herb...

Thanks to Jenny for the lunch treat! :)

p/s: This day I ate a lot free yummy foods.. feeling so good! =)

*Greatly appreciated*


Hayley said...

Hmmm, I still very envy you, can get off day on actual birth date!
The cake looks yummy leh =) You're such a lucky gal~

EveLyn said...

hehe..ya, I know I lucky so I very appreciate it with work very hard =p the cake very very yummy.. although I cant eat so sweet now but then I just cant control myself!! lolx