Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Lately I was super duper busy! Colleague Jenny was on long medical leave for her throat operation; aunty colleague was on 2days MC last week and she might go for Acute Appendix operation soon else. Office just left me and 2 new staffs so I gotta be multi-worker to settle all the things. *tired & faint*

Well, today is Good Friday and Thanks God there is long weekend for rest! =) The most happiest, hubby is off too! ^^

I never have a good rest today still, on the contrary It's busy but happy day! ;) We have steamboat session tonight with big gang of friends *Wheeee*

Beside fish balls and some sea-foods, we still have dumplings ^^

He is hubby's colleague from china!

deng.. deng... the nice and pretty dumplings made by a guy!!!
It proved that he used to be a chef at China.. *clap for him*
I don't really like dumplings actually because of the 韭菜,
but this really yummy and I just fall love with it! *Thumb up*

While he non-stop making, all of us non-stop testing too! wahaha... It become "pig leg"(主角) for tonight steamboat session instead of fish ball and others. It is something special for 9 of us and we all really enjoyed this night!

p/s: sorry for no photos to shared as I was busy playing with a little cute handsome boy ^^


Hayley said...

Wah, the dumplings look yummy!

EveLyn said...

ya, it very nice! ;)

Agnes said...

your friend can wrap very neat and pretty dumplings, no easy !