Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last day work =D

终于。。。可以收工准备回家当闲人咯 =D 原本是下星期才收工的, 但老公很担心我会突然要早产所以就赶紧要把我送回家! ==' 但也好啦, 至少在坐牢前可以先享受下~ 嘻嘻!! p/s: 老公, 接下来就辛苦你咯!! =)

今天带着非常轻松的心情上班去, last day的感觉真的很好耶!! 哈哈~ 虽然很忙碌的一天, 但依然满面春风。。。下午和同事们一起享用lunch, 顺便替Desmond来个小小庆生。。。

Alysha on the left, and Jenny on the right~

the birthday boy~ Desmond
and he is ex-colleague now =(

4 of them ordered Grill Fish with different side dishes...
(ooops, now then I know I forget take pic with Jolyn, Desmond's wife =p)

and myself ate BBQ Grill chicken with french fries and baked potato

last, we had small cut cake session for DY.
Happy Birthday in advance and wish him ALL THE BEST! =)


Hayley said...

Hope to see you soon! =)

EveLyn said...

hehe.. me too =)