Monday, December 1, 2008

mOndAy blue...

Haiyoo... monday again!!! so tired and moody... i dont understand how come every monday also is blue monday?! why not blue wednesday...??!! name no nice or monday really blue? +.+ Hmmm... I think may be is too enjoyed on weekend that's why moody and tired when the 1st day come back work~(but my whole week are moody days...only fRidAy is hAppy leh? ;p)

Y'day was a stupid day! @_@ we rushing out and in to JB twice because of 1 bottle of D.O.M =.=
As usual we will went to JB every sunday punctuality for punch Autopass card, shop and dine at there. but y'day my dear forget to bring out his colleague's D.O.M so we need to back and out again! faint!!! Custom was super jam... alamak, hate nia!!! No choice, he promised help his colleague so anyhow must do it for her! Lucky was a shady day, if not definitely faint at there~~

After busy on it, we went to Singtel shop for sign contract of iPhone. There was long queue too... then we wait... wait...wait for about 1 hour finally our turn~ After make decision and payment, another bad new for us that was my dear work permit valid less than 6months so cant sign the contract... (what the hell, earlier no informed then now we wait so long time just told us that) no choice, both of our permit also valid less than that so cant make it! My dear totally sad and worn-out. Busy for whole day... be completely exhausted and burnt up our joyful Sunday but then we only get disappointed and tired!!! =(

Darling, please no more upset! We wait for 1 more month, after re-new your work permit then we go to sign it again~Only 1month, we awaits and count down it together ba~~~

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