Thursday, January 8, 2009


My beloved baby... Jackson has be at Primary 1 luuu~~~
He is studying at my old school... Ooopss, 16years ago I was at Pri 1, right now is my baby take turn...OMG~~ Times were really flies very very fast!!!!

Recall back my schooling times, there were really fun and fun! Of cause my baby have many interesting stores too when he just step-in to the school. ( so sad that unable accompany him when his first day at school)

First day in school, he never felt unfamiliar neither make a racket but then he is a very good boy. Obediently on what teacher said, help each other with friends... (first day of school then he get know all the classmate~how friendly he is :D) His memory very good too... can recognize all the teacher and friends (so smart leh) moreover, he pay his respect to all teachers whenever and wherever... such good boy!!! Heard from my family, he still have many cute action at school... can imagine how funny he been at there... hahaha!!! I miss him so much~~~~

In the meantime, he was very pity and stressful now onwards! He have to woke up earlier morning 6am (wakao, earlier than me 7am). After get out of class at 1pm, he only have little time for snap then have to attend tuition class at 3pm... (haiyoo, how tired he been) Every time my sister was grudgingly to awake him when he be sunk in sleep (his asleep face was very cute and u sure will not be willing to awake him) BUT have no choice... market is very compete now... have to study hard to defeat competitor~

BABY, hope you will study hard and be champion!!Kampateh ohhh...
Wish all my niece and nephew study hard and get excellent achievement!!! I will support all of yours every minute... every times!!! Kampateh~~~

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