Tuesday, January 6, 2009

fiRst pOst of 2009

It's 2009... is time to lay out the old calender and put in the new one... (in fact my new calender has been stand-by for changing since early ;p)

I was back from my holidays and start work today...sigh!!! 5days holidays flies so fast... return back to work place again...sien!!! My body was back but my heart still on holiday mood +_+ don't know why recently felt very lazy for work and looking forward to every holiday upcoming~~await for more and more holidays and day-off~~~ ;p

Urmm, as for this time holiday, i dint really have special enjoyment or program. Just enjoyed as normal with my darling at home... can consider as there were leisurely and relaxed time for us. Everyday slept till midday (if working days have to wake-up before 7am)~ spent our time with carefree and naturally... not have to rushing it at all... quite fine and glorious!!! ('',)

Definitely we spent a lots on shopping again...==' (mega sales leh... didn't buy when promotion is loss ooh...;p very good reason for buying again *o^) But this round, I bought so much were for my family... (cham, I'm not really know how to bring back my big luggage to hometown cause my darling was no around with me~haiz.z.z) Beside that, we also bought alots food for cooking and DIY at home... :) we become so good at cooking now... no more only steam fish and steam egg but then we still have spaghetti, chicken and seafood soup... I think more and more coming up soon...hehehe!!!

OK, have to back to my work place le... 1st day of work, so much things need to do...sigh!!!
(think positive another way~ work 4days then weekend again lor... lets start countdown...wahaaa)

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