Tuesday, January 13, 2009


tiring... boring... disgusting...
all of this are my current feel~ haiz.z.z.z...!!!!
I suppose to be happy and exciting to counting down CNY but then now...... sigh!!!
Really hate on it... fed-up with it... tired of it... bored on it...
Oh my God~~~ going MAD & CRAZY soon... :@:@:@:@

really hate on "your" manners~(self-important, arrogant, never care the feeling of the rest +.+)
really fed-up with "your" attitude~(say one thing and mean another ==')
really tired of messy paper work pass from "you"~(look such smart girl but done simple paper work with complete mess @_@)
really bored on "your" instructions~(never seen you do well on task, base on what you keep give comments and instruct to all of us even boss?!)

Don't know which is the best word to describe "you"...
I only know~ All of us really cant bear with you anymore~
Please take note on your attitude & manners now onwards~
If this situations keep continue, if "you" overstep our limit~
I swear...We, particularly is me...
Wont let 'you" off easily ~ wont accommodate to"you" anymore~
I will fight with "you" after all sufficiently~


AnNy said...

u talking on who?

EveLyn said...

my stupid colleague lor~
but she going left us soon~