Monday, March 5, 2012

GraceHaven Charity Dinner 2012

Link自前年老板带我们出席GraceHaven20周年慈善晚宴后, 今年老板又捐了款, 还让我们携拌一同出席2012年的慈善晚宴。=)

yours truly~~

A table sell a lot of toys, key chain, flower and etc...

Before enter to the room, we snap a group picture 1st.
Each person have to donate $5 dollar and each one will get a photograph home, but Boss paid it for all of us and does not want us to pay him back. So generous right!!

Top left: Joyce & Jennifer, both are new colleague. Right: My lovely boss and his wife
Bottom left: Aunty Shirley & her daughter, Cystal. Right: Katherine & Alvin

and still have us ^^

the foods served this year just so so only. But I can said the prawn is the only 1 dish was yummy as it's very fresh!

Before we left, we took some more picture. ^^

Luggage tag as door gift. ^^

Last but not least, thanks to hubby willing acc me attend dinner this time as he quite shy to face my colleague or friends all the time. ^o^

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