Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye colourful 2008

Today is last day of 2008! Time gone through very very fast, wonderful 2008 going end up less than 24hrs. Recall back what have I done through the whole year and realised that year 2008 seems very great and fantastic for me~~ A lots of activities, celebration and gathering... WOW! My life, my mind, my album... fully by sweet memories and happiness~~~ Thanks for everyone who keep accompany me and make my life great and meaningful~ especially my darling!!! ^o^

Of cause there are some unhappy, displeased and frustration too... but life is short, I try to live in cheerful & delighted~~making my life joyful and wonderful!!! I wish all of my family and friends are same to me to be healthy and happy everyday, everywhere~~~CheeRs!!!

Anyway, last day also mean another celebration coming up too... countdown, wishing, fireworks and etc... wow, hopefully tonight celebration will be great and excited!!!

May all have a blessed year with more wealth & greater health!!!

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