Monday, February 9, 2009


Today is the day of the 15Th of the 1st lunar month, mean it's last day of lunar new year too!
Lunar new year were end with successful soon, and life going back to as normal too~
So, have to clear away all holiday mood and be concentrate on work now onwards~sigh!!!
As we said regularly, happy moment always past so fast~haiz.z.z.zz...

However, today is the big day of Chinese traditional day! Grand celebration is definitely and dumplings is compulsory~No matter how, must dress up and pamper our self with delicacies indispensable! ^o^ Wish all the best and happy go lucky all the time!!!Cheers...

And the moonlight on this "niu" year is the most round, bright and clear since 52years! Wow, definitely cant miss out this magnificent sight tonight! So excited and look forward it~

May the Ox bring more luck, health and wealth to all of us!!!Cheers~

1 comment:

EveLyn said...

anyhow, I still miss out d magnificent moonlight sight~=='
coz too tired~slept early!!!@_@