Tuesday, February 3, 2009


haiz... totally moodily today~sigh!!!
whole day never received call and text from you~
even I had try called you few time and sent you few texts~
but then you only received 1 of my call and reply the only 1 text back to me~
I knew, you're angry on me~ dissatisfied and discontented with my advise~but...
Dear, I'm only showing my concern, my care and my love to you~
not the mean as you said wanna control of you~
Do you knew how much important you're for me?
Do you knew how much I care about you much than anythings...anyone?
Can you sincere feel my love and care without jump to wrong conclusion?
I knew am not good skill on talk, action and showing my love and care to anyone,
but you're my darling~ isn't you should more comprehend on me?
Anyway, I'm not forcing you quit smoke, just hope you can less it~
Sincerely don't wish to have any friction between us~even if it's tiny clash also don't wish to let it appear, because don't wish to let it scrape our love to each other!
Darling, is you the only one to decide my frame of my mind~
I wish to be happily forever and ever, can you do that for me?
Let's work hard together, OK?
Love you so much~mUaCk!!!

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EveLyn said...

finally,u called me after knock off~
as usual,u fetch me home from our "lao di fang"~
u smile to me even u pretend some angrier~
I knew, u'r pretending~
I knew, u'r naught boy~ ;p
We went to kopitiam taken our dinner~even though u look so cool, but I understand u~
And when u fed me the crab~
Hahahaaa...everythings turn to fine!!!