Monday, February 16, 2009

My vAleNtiNe's wEeKeNd

Nothing special on this year valentine's day~
no special celebration, no special present~
just a simple and normal day we had! *_______________*

On Saturday, my dear got to worked and me got to helped my friend to sold flower so our plan got to change on last minute =='
The feel of receiving flower is AMAZING~
The feel of selling flower is a WONDER~
Unexpected I was so daring to do it so... but then I still done it!
This was my first time, unable to describe the feeling~
Even there were embarrassed, but I feel very happy when saw the girl received the flower from lover ~ so blissful!!!
After few hours of peddled on expose to the sun, I was totally exhausted~ But, me only success sold out few of it because economic not so good and market very competitive, so many competitor anywhere you can see~sweat!!!
(may be I'm not sweet enough so nobody support me >.<) However, I had do my best and take it as experience, at least I learned to be bold! After reached home, I still cooked for my dear as I don't wish to went out anymore ~ I was totally died tired ~ whole body ache and tingle of blister on my leg, so painful!!! :'( but~~~thanks my dear for massage to me, apply ointment for me~ so great and touched!!! Love you so much, dear~ After catnap awhile, my dear fetch me out to ate dessert~ how happy am I cause he not really like to eat it but~ he knew I like it so...... ;) afterwards we went for a drive and then back home to watch movie~ At midnight we went for supper again~wAkAo, 1st time had supper since we're together about 2 and half years~ how memorable!! On Sunday, compensate our valentine's lunch at Stone Grill. Supposed went to redbox after lunch but room was fully booked so we just shop around instead! I thought have no more present but in the end my dear bought me a dress ~wahahaaaa... He is a particularist, not such romanticism... he only think highly of future instead of any commemorable days... so his expend always is for pragmatic and not on gift and present~sweat!!! So I had used on it that no have any suprise from him~ >.< (some time his thinking are right and reasonable, saving for future and prepare for the rainy day is better than everything~ how consideration he been!) Night time we went to Chinatown ate steamboat~ but the shop served not really good, little foods for choose and tasteless~ +.+ however, we still ate till very very full~ hehe... Now... I'm falling sick~ fever, headache and whole body ache~~~ ChAm.............@_________@


AnNy said...

tk care ya

斯文ღღrabbit said...

sweet sweet love~~

EveLyn said...

thanks anny! I will take care~

sherley, where got sweet oh?=='