Thursday, February 12, 2009

sLeepy dAy

woke up early today~
to prepare lovely breakfast for my dear & sister~
bread with ham and fried egg~ *o*
such simple but yummy taste~

but now so sleepy -(

recently woke up at around 6 or 6.20am~
(to avoid bump against with housemate to use toilet, so I choose woke up early better than get late and rush~)
then at office feel very boring and sien on my routine work~
a heap of messy paper work...wholly company document are pass to me to done it~wtf...
But on meeting, my boss has mentioned that he knew I'm a good and hardworking worker, so he will work on our extra bonus to repay my expend~Hopefully he will fulfill his promises~ ^o^
Then at home, still have to tidy-up my room, done all household duties~ thanks dear for helping me done some, if not~cham!!!
dunno why... even I very very tired but I still very difficult to fall asleep too~
my face look so sallow, black eye circle become dark to darken~
Oh my ugly am I~

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