Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Last few days my dear suggested celebrate my birthday at Pulau Redang this year~ then I very surprise and excited so started seek for price and planning on it~
Yesterday still be very happy on planning and discussion~
but then today have to call cancel it because of ill-timed! =='

In fact, I knew I wont have chance to celebrate my birthday at there~ because 清明节 every year is same month with my birthday at April.
My family definitely wont allow me travel during on this terrible period~ my family are very taboo on 清明节& 农历七月so there is not have any activities compulsory for this duration. So postpone just will be do~haiz.z.z.z
Even if there are some disappointed but my dear brighten me with others celebration~ so may be just wait and see what surprise will him bring to me~ ;p

Beside of this, we also discuss about our celebration on Valentine day. Firstly is plan to Genting but still have others programs appear in a flash~ having candle-light dinner at home with DVD show, sing-k at Redbox, watch movie and divert at JB, go for seafood, etc... since so many programs in queue, make choice at that time better may as well~
This is the 3rd valentine day we going to celebrate it, hope there will be another sweet memory in our mind~^o*

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