Friday, April 24, 2009

Home Bank Loan

Recently busy on apply for home loan... we had been wait for the news about 3weeks le but right now still waiting and pending as what we get the result from 1st and 2nd bank were very disappointed. Firstly was CIMB only approved 80% loan for us as the reason was we very young and the bank policy insist approved 80% even the bank consultants ever try to contact head office. Is very disappointed lar but really no choice so we wait for HSBC as well. (Lucky that time we apply for 2 bank in the same time)

But, again another shock we get from HSBC. They only approved 75% and the reason was the property is under services property so HSBC unable provide 90% loan for now. How disappointed! I very worry and be anxious on it, as I hope can move in to new homier on June. Now already end of the April, we left less time to do renovation and others. So I called the property agent, try to talk nicely to him but he really make me fed-up. He keep asking me don't worry, everything will be fine. But then we already wasted so much time, he still asking me give him some time to work on it. So I raise my voice and talk to him, if still unable to solve this problems then i would like to call cancel for the unit (of coz I not really want to cancel lar, just try to scare them and see whether they will take action or not).

Indeed, now they work hard on our case. And 3 banker called us and we will having 3 appointment tomorrow, Eon bank, Maybank and AmBank. (see, after flare up then they just will work... actually I don't like to do feedback or complain but if dint do that, nobody will take action~ sigh... how come har?!)

Whatever, just hopefully this round application can be successful. God, please blesssssssss.....


dream said...

seem the agent alr work hard~
so i think should be ok le!!!
dun worry~~~
kiss kiss!@!

EveLyn said...

hopefully lar~
anyway, thanks!