Thursday, May 7, 2009


Received a bill from M1 yesterday! Super shock when I saw the amount, read twice and thrice to make sure that I dint saw wrongly but what I saw the amount is correct… the stupid M1 cost me the bill at $868.50 (what the hell) (whole story need started from past few months, may be I just let it jump over and tell simplify from the below conversation) Of cause I get super angrier and call in to M1 customer service hotline again… the line was super hot and make me super “hot” too… Finally the officer answers the phone and assists me…

At first, I still try to control my temper (as I knew the officer wont knew my case as well so I try to told her about the story nicely) But the officer who assists me this time wanted the person who sign the contract to called in personal (the person was my ex-colleague, he is PR so he helped to sign the contract for me) Then I lost my temper and scold the officer…

Me: This is not 1st time I called in to do feedback. And every time was me the one to talk to your services as well. Can you please to log-in to your system and review my record?
(What the stupid customer services? Still need I to teach them work?)
Officer: Ok. So how may I help u?
Me: Well. I received a bill cost me at $868.50. Can you check for me what it’s going on?
Officer: Can you please let me know what is the description shown in the bill?
(Wahkao…ask her checked then she expect me to gave her all the info…shit)
Well… I still try to control my temper and told her about the description
Me: I had spoken to your manager before, and she approved to waive the early termination service charge for me as your unable to improved the broadband speed for me. How come now charge me the cost again? And the cost went to $868.50 instead of $460, the actual cost of early termination service charge.
Then the officer asks me to wait and she will check on it… Wait about 15mins then the officer again ask me stupid question…
Officer: Miss, may I know when was your last call to M1 about this case?
(kns… system should have record what… how she expect me to remember all of those things? Finally lost control and I rise up my voice)
Me: Miss, I believe your system will have record when I do termination. How you expect me gave your all the details? Or you want transfer me to your manager which I had spoken to her before? (damn angry)
Officer: Ok. Let me checked again on it.
Then I have to wait another 10-15mins again… I become angrier and angriest.
Officer: well miss, our system shown that your case had been approved to waive the services charge by M1 manager. And here shown too, after the last bill you received and called in to feedback again then we will do another adjustment again.
Me: ……… (such stupid answer she gave me. Really angriest till don’t know what I can say)
Me: so mean your will issue me another credit note to settle this bill?
Officer: Yup. That’s right!
Me: How come so troublesome? I called so many times still unable to close case and need me keep call-in to do feedback and checking… wasted my such precious time! (my voice were very loud and totally throw out my temper this time
The officer just keeps quiet then I hang-up the phone with super disgusting…. Such stupid they are. If I dint call-in this time, mean I won’t get the credit note from them and I got to pay the bill.
(Thought me is the 1 blur sotong just pay follow the bill, I’m not such idiot and foolish, ok?)
Haiz… Actually I was sick, fever and flu… totally no energy but then still upset me in this way… wtfffffffff… high fever now~~~ #________________#


dream said...

sayang~~ sayang~~
dun angry le ya!!!
those service line d~
r like that d la!!
u calm down~~
finally settled then ok!!
muacks ^)^(^

EveLyn said...

hopefully really settled~
if the next bill still charge me~
i swear, i will write complain letter to M1~
super angry on it~ :@