Monday, May 11, 2009

Wonderful Monday

Generally every Monday was blue for me.
But today is a special and happy day!
Because our home loan finally been approved.
Yoohoo~ Hurray!!!
About 1 month we waited and now finally settled down, so great!
Next step is going to sign S & P Agreement,
After this can having the key of our house…
Then we can start to do renovate and decorate…
Hopefully everything will go smoothly…
So that we can move in on beginning of June!
Praying hard~~~~~


Hayley said...

woohoo!!! congrats congrats!!! ;D
but, be ready. ALOT of things need to be done for moving house... bet you will be super busy then!!
i moved into my new house in March, that was the 1st time only but i am already scared... haha.

AnNy said... good..
don't forget to invite me oh...
hey, share ur luck with me ler....

EveLyn said...

Hayley~ yayaya, I knew! At sg, i had move quite many times le... so hopefully this is the last time to move in to my own house!:D
Thank you so much!!!

EveLyn said...

Anny~Hahaha... sure will invite u to happy-hour at my house!! :D
okokok, Nah... give u my luck~
wish today onwards will "shun shun li li" ohhhhh!!!

dream said...

congs ^O^
finally settle!!!
if anything need~
tell us la!!
sure will help u if can~
wish can visit ur new house o.o

EveLyn said...

dream~ ya, i need many things leh... u know lor hor, LCD, furniture all of those things lor... thank you 1st ohhh!:p
after i settle down all then sure will invite all of your come happy-hour 1~ Let's wait...