Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PleAsaNt hOlidAy *o*

I just came back from my Great & Wonderful holiday!!! Now super tired and sleepy...@___@ happy hours were past so fast... 4 pleasant days in my hometown were ended!!! It's time to re-concentrate on my work le...(my sales figure so little now ==') but i felt very languid and sluggish on my job~~~sigh!!!

Past 4days were very joyful and fun times at my hometown. Many people used to say there was nothings so joyful in my hometown...more activities and places for fun at s'pore... But for me, taiping is more comfortable and peaceful~~ that's why me lovely hometown named Taiping...=)
First day reached as usual at 6am... then went to "Kakak Kopitiam" ate our beloved "huo fan" with my lover and family. Then went to pokok assam pasar pagi to started shopping~I bought alots of new year clothes for everyone of my family... (less than 1hr buy up, spent about RM400+) Oh my godness... say there was small market but I still can spent so much at there) *o* After the whole day, I was used my times to accompany my family!!

Second day, we woke up at around 10am then after dress-up @11am, I went to Jawi with my lover and sister for fetishism! After back from Jawi, we settled our lunch at Old Town. The foods served were very very nice and yummy!!!Then I went to met-up my best friends, Soo Wah, Wendy & Jass...very happy and excited! ^o^ My best friend's daughter, Yuan Xin... very cute and pretty!!! Her eye so big and round~~wow... so cute... alike her mummy... pretty gal!!!

After gathering, I follow my dear to had dinner with his family. Then I back to my sister's kopitiam to accompany my family and wait for our midnight movie show "Bolt". Wow, so many activities...time no enough for enjoyed!!!hehehe *o^

Third day, we woke up at about 11am...really very tired coz this few days sleep late but wake up early! I went to attend 2nd gathering with my friends at KFC. Very funny and happy gathering... miss them so much!!!

After gathering, I went back to my dear's house for catnap~I really very tired as this few days keep enjoying... Then evening time still have to had dinner with my dear's family so need to rest more and be more vividly... ;p After dinner, me and my dear drink wine @ kopitiam to chit chat with my family and friends! The feeling was very very relax and happy...

I spent my half day at bank on my last day holiday. Honestly I hate went to bank, queue so long...but no choice, had to done it so! After busy on it, then it was last chance for me to went for shopping =p I went to Fashion Butik with my sisters and niece to make last hit out ^o^ Indeed, I spent RM400+ again for this time purchased ==' But I very happy because bought alots beauty clothes, pants and skirt!!! (",)

Clock walk so fast, it was time for departure~so sad!!! I really miss all of urs~~~ but CNY coming, few more weeks can meet you all again!!!^o^
last photo taken at bus.

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