Monday, December 29, 2008

counting down long holiday...

Recently never upload new post I busy? busy on what leh? hmmm... busy on counting down my holiday~~~wahahaha!!!

Last week just finished enjoyed Christmas holiday~ but very fast, another long holiday coming up again!!! YeAh... very very happy and awaits it!!! This 2 weeks can consider as super relax and enjoyful week... especially for this week, work 2 & 1/2 days then can off for 5days~~hohoho~~~super relax and wonderful ^o^

Merry Christmas celebrated as usual with my colleagues and boss, had a dinner at restaurant and exchange gift there... This year foods served very good and nice but as for the service, i think have to improve much and much... sigh!!! There was Chinese Cruise Buffet... we ate as much as we can (if I'm not wrong, plus those repeat order, we had total ordered 20++ dishes for 10person) Christmas eve we also went for lunch after half-day work~wow, cham lor...I've put on weight again!!!sad...@_@ Lucky I get a weight machine from the exchange gift, I will work harder to keep slim from now onwards!!! ;p

I went to JB shopping with my darling on Christmas day. We bought so many clothes again... ;p (our cupboard really full of new clothes, said wanna control but never stop buying ==') The most make me happy was, my darling bought me a "Lovely Necklace" =) After tired on shopping then we back home and cook dinner our self... hmmm, recently I feel like to cooking, dunno why... just feel like wanna cook for him... feel like wanna let him feel happiness... wahahaha... of cause there were simple dishes, steam fish, steam egg and soup. Erm, may be just give me some time... I will try to learn more and more from my family. kAmpateh!!!

Nothing much special for my weekend but actually I'm quite enjoyed it as well with my darling! *o^ And now I was back to my work place... nothing much sales during month end further more now economy become bad to worst, totally no sales and much orders for me, sigh!!! But i still have to settle so many paper work... so bored!!! Anyway, I just have to work for this 2 and the 1/2days then i can go for my long holiday le so my mood still can consider as good ;p

Hmmm, still planning how to going enjoy my long holiday and the new year celebration~~ hopefully another joyful and sweet memories coming up!!! ^o^

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