Wednesday, December 3, 2008

iPhone ^o^

Yiipee~finally bought an iPhone yesterday!!! so happy... thanks for my colleague's help to sign up the contract for me... my dear very surprise and excited on it!!!*o* (i will remember his funny face when i delivered his beloved phone to his company for him ;p he was so touched, hmmm...i'm so proud on myself~be a such good gf =>) wahahaha...

Need to sign-up a contract at s'pore is super troublesome especially for foreigner... need work permit valid than 6 or 12 months depending on the plan, need pay deposit of $300 =='... and........ but if for s'porean only need their I/C, no more any deposit or extra charge~ +.+

After sign-up the contract, doesn't mean all settled... still have to take note which offer when expired then need to call up for cancellation, which step have to log-in Internet to activate the account... particularly for this iPhone, Oh My God~~faint!!! So many notes have to key-in to my brain... @_@ but as long as my dear happy on it, whatever I done were be worth!!! =)

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