Friday, December 5, 2008

Last goodbye for "angel"

Singapore's first-ever terrorist victim, killed in Mumbai last week when she was there at the wrong time for her duty! It's to be regretted to heard about this. Her death has jolted the nation, which prides itself on rigorous security measures, and politicians.

She was a optimistic girl, always with a smile...knows how to enjoy life...caring and selfless. Her photos has been regularly featured in newspaper... she was very pretty and sexy... As her husband mentioned, you can see that radiance of her soul when you look at her smiling face!!! She was extremely brave. Her voice didn't waver and she didn't want to panic her husband when she called him to say she was taken hostage!!! Wow, me sincerely admire her courageous!
Unfortunately, she was murdered by cruelly kill!!! :'(

I'm here to sent my prayers and well-wishes for her and her family! Hope "angel" will rest in peace and we will always remember "you"!!!

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