Monday, August 2, 2010

last birthday celebration in office

Happy Birthday to Alysha Chong~
May all her dream become true & All the Best!

As usual, we had advanced celebration in office last Friday.

our group picture ^^

After sang song, make wish and cut cake, all of us were enjoyed the yummy Macha Macha cake. But I’m not so like the taste although I like green tea so much. :p At the meantime, Boss suggested everybody to hold a cake and take picture as a blessed! Well, that was another fun part of celebration. =)

It was last birthday celebration in office, so will be boring for the less time till next year January :s~~ Looking forward for Year 2011!!! LoL


Hayley said...

Wah your department so many celebrations!!
Shiok! :D

EveLyn said...

haha... but it was last celebration d... gotta wait for few more months only got cake to eat liao~ wahaha