Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Sometime, must pamper yourself"

Coming August is Alysha's birthday, so we decided to have advanced celebration for her, so here we're... Swensens!! Finally, had the chance to enjoy the 1 free 1 lunch at Swensens! =) Cause of this promotion, we got to queue up for about half-an-hour... sigh!! We only got 1 hour lunch time, end up we late to back office! (Thank God that aunty colleague doesn't get angry, and we also "sek zou" buy some fruits to repay her understanding :p)

snap picture while in the queue

these 2 ladies so leceh, take so long time to choose food :p

Pumpkin soup of the day

Grilled Salman for Alysha & Jenny

and Breaded chicken for me ;)

random pictures of us while wait-ing the ice-cream to served
~ Alysha look so bored & Jenny busy-ing sms & me... keep snap pics... lol

finally, the yummy desserts were served
~ Merri-Mint & banana split

last but not least, cheap right?
thanks for the promotion~ =)
Jenny and I shared the bill to treat the bday girl
Wish her~ Happy Birthday! ^^


Hayley said...

Wow Happy birthday to your friend!
Yummy swensen~

EveLyn said...

Thank you, York Mei! =)